What are Solicitors?

Finding solicitors in London is easy, but if you want someone who can offer excellent service, then browsing and comparing different possibilities is a must.

So what are solicitors? Essentially, solicitors provide legal advice to their clients to ensure proper and fair representation. They are often involved in different legal areas such as taxes, litigation, and property. The roles and responsibilities of a solicitor may vary depending on the person they’re representing. In the case of property transactions, following are the different responsibilities involved:

Duties of Solicitors for the Buyer

· Providing legal advice before the contract is signed

· Explaining the extent of the contract and exactly how this would affect the buyer

· Taking care of the documents such as paying stamps, following through with registrations, etc

· Checking documents related to mortgage

· Concerned with statement of adjustments

· Aiding with the transfer of property

· Supervising the implementation of any agreements made

Duties of Solicitors for the Seller

· Notifying the authorities of the completed sale

· Attending any meeting or settlement on behalf of the seller

· Preparing statements and clauses that will be included in the contract

· Understanding the needs of the seller and properly communicating it to the buyer

All in all, the duties of a solicitor are to make sure that their clients are treated fairly under the full extent of the law. Of course, those are just few of the roles and responsibilities attributed with the position. Make sure to clear the roles and responsibilities you expect from solicitors in London so you won’t find yourself missing on anything.